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The 11th of April marks National Pet Day, making it the purrfect occasion to celebrate all the furry friends of Fleet Street – and our pets are just as unique as our team.

Among our pawsome pals we’ve got bilingualists, Kardashian fans, and even Amazon models!

Read on to find out from their owners all about their favourite things, the funny pawsonality quirks they’re known loved for, and more – starting with last year’s winner of Fleet Street Pet of the Year, Jordan’s cat Ralph.


  • Owner: Jordan
  • Age: Two
  • Breed: Mix

Ralph is named after Ralph Wiggum from The Simpsons. His favourite thing is sleeping, closely followed by eating. He was also proud to be voted Pet of the Year by the team at the Fleet Street Christmas party.


  • Owner: Tess
  • Age: Three-and-a-half
  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Jerry-Lee has the loudest snores, loves cheese, and would eat a whole can of squirty cream if he was allowed. He’s also bilingual – he knows his commands in both English and Welsh!

Elphaba & Joey

  • Owner: Sam
  • Age: 12 years / nine months
  • Breed: Shih Tzu / Maltese cross

Elphaba is also known as Elphie and The Elf. When she’s not playing fetch at the park, she enjoys cuddling up on the sofa and watching The Kardashians.

Joey is a very energetic puppy who was recently adopted as a rescue. He is currently being house trained (he’ll get there!), but in the meantime he enjoys tearing up soft furnishings, vandalising flower beds and barking at ASOS delivery drivers. He loves going on adventures with his big sister Elphaba.


  • Owner: Ed
  • Age: Four
  • Breed: Goldendoodle

In no particular order, Woody loves playing fetch, being stroked, barking, and hoovering up food from the floor around the dining table. At the same time, he very much dislikes other animals, being ignored and has no respect for anyone’s personal space.


  • Owner: Shen
  • Age: Four
  • Breed: British Shorthair

Despite his teddy bear characteristics, Leo isn’t the cuddliest of cats and mostly enjoys sleeping and observing the household chaos from his cat tower. However, he does love an occasional belly rub and being groomed to maintain his plush coat. His laid-back nature means he tolerates his little brother (Shen’s two-year-old son).

Nahla and Jasmine

  • Owner: Lucy
  • Age: Five and three
  • Breed: Fox Red Labrador / Black Labrador

Nahla is a model on Amazon for light up collars (see below for proof). Jas was once discovered on top of the kitchen counter and to this day, no one knows how she managed it…


  • Owner: Robyn
  • Age: Three
  • Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Enola loves cheese, tuna and is a serial pizza stealer. Her favourite thing is a tennis ball, which she’ll never give up once she has – making her RUBBISH at playing fetch. She hates the squirrels in her garden and wages daily battles with them.


  • Owner: Mark
  • Age: Six
  • Breed: Cockapoo

Murphy is very gentle and loving. His favourite things are treats, belly rubs and tennis balls.

Sadie, Sawyer, Otto and Hugo

  • Owner: Josephine
  • Age: Two (Sadie), Three (Sawyer, Otto & Hugo)
  • Breed: Irish Terrier (Sadie & Sawyer)

Sadie, Sawyer, Otto and Hugo are all best friends and move as a squad – they’re definitely the toughest animal gang in the area!


  • Owner: Hanna
  • Age: Five
  • Breed: Border Terrier

Cadey loves it when roast chicken is cooked on Sundays. He’ll conveniently hang around the kitchen looking cute, making sure that any spare chicken comes his way!

Although he loves chasing squirrels, he doesn’t always have the border terrier hunter instinct and sometimes has to have them pointed out to him before he chases. He loves going for long walks by the river, stopping to smell absolutely EVERYTHING and say hello to everyone.

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